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Mochi Bun


This is for the anon who requested a cute jealous Henry scenario!


"You know, if you keep frowning at your phone like that, your face is going to freeze that way," Henry comments offhandedly, causing you to smooth out the crease between your eyebrows and set your phone aside, laughing a bit.

"Sorry, I’m just really worried that he didn’t get my text." You can’t help but glance at your phone again, resisting the urge to pick it up, as if staring at the phone will make the message magically appear.

You look back at Henry, sitting across from the table at you. You’re both sitting at a cafe table, drinking coffee. You do this a lot, just hang out whenever you start to get just a bit stressed. Henry had been the first person to really talk to you since you first became a trainee at SM, and he’d quickly become your best friend. It was hard for you, coming all the way from America to Korea, and even harder when you didn’t actually speak Korean. Enter Henry to make you smile and laugh, and actually feel like you belong.

You take a sip of your coffee, looking out the window. Henry follows your gaze, even though you’re not really looking at anything in particular. “Always worrying about whether or not Jonghyun is going to text you,” he mutters, laughing a little.

You make a face at him. “I accidentally ripped a gigantic hole in his performance costume… I’m mortified…”

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Vote for Henry “Fantastic" #18 on MNETs’ M!COUNTDOWN
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He’s currently 5th. We all know how hard Henry works for his albums and performances, and he always gives his best. I’m sure we all want to see his hardwork pay off. So ELF, please make sure to vote for him daily and always support our magnae.

Addition: How to support Henry !!

@henrylau89: 다같이놀자!! “@henryfan_bot: 헨리가 신촌물총축제에 참여하나봐요ㅇ0ㅇ26일 
@henrylau89: Everyone let’s play together!! “@henryfan_bot: Seems like Henry will participate in the Sinchon Water Gun Festivalㅇ0ㅇon the 26th (cr)


I know that the teasers for H.E.R are all cute and fluffy but its Block B, you know at the end they’re prob gonna kill that chick then walk off with the ice cream 


Because we all need a cursing Namjoon on our dash.

Suho’s voice is delightful to hear. He is maybe not the best vocal of EXO but he has definitely one of the sweetest voices in EXO. I hope they will let him sing more.