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Honestly, even though some fangirls are only supportive of him because of his looks, the people in Japan really took his win to heart.

Yuzuru Hanyu was not a typical Japanese Olympian. He was an inspiration and hope because he came from Sendai, an area close to the epicenter of the March 2011 earthquake that struck.
He not only suffered like the rest of Japan, he was on the verge of giving up his dream of figure skating until Japan gave him enough funding to head to Toronto to train (because his usual skating rink was destroyed by the earthquake).

When Hanyu won, it was a lesson that anything can happen if one tries enough. Hanyu was going to give up his dream, yet he pushed on with the support of others, ultimately winning gold and breaking the 100 point barrier in a short event.

Japan welcomes him back and encourages others to not forget their dreams, regardless of the situation. And now Hanyu even said that he will make use of himself in his hometown to continue helping with the recovery from the earthquake.

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